Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sup Fall? we released an LP this summer, as well as a comp 7". Pretty stoked on how both of those came out. No solid plans whatsoever as to what is next in terms of new material, we've kicked a few riffs around here and there but nothing real serious yet. Also talked about maybe recording a few covers, who knows if that will really come to fruition or not.

The one thing we do know for sure is that we're heading out on a little run next month with our friend Greg Bennick! Greg and his bands have obviously been a huge inspiration for us, so we are super stoked to spend some time on the road with him and hear his spoken word sets. The dates are as follows:

Thursday, November 10th in Pittsburgh with Fuck It, I Quit and more TBA
Friday, November 11th in Philly with Toska and Pulling Punches
Saturday, November 12th in New Jersey with Hell Mary, Silence Equals Death, and more
Sunday, November 13th in Columbus, Ohio at The Summit
Monday, November 14th in Detroit at the Sanctuary with Bracewar, Bent Life, and Bitter Peace AD 

Come hang if we'll be in your area!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LP Stream/Pre-Order/Etc.

So stoked to share that "Mere Mortals" is now streaming if full thanks to the fine folks at Idioteq. Check it out here:

The record is being released collaboratively with our friends at State of Mind. Hydrogen Man, and Bitter Melody. You can pre-order the record from any of those fine labels or from us directly at

Record release show will be in June, hoping to get out for a couple weekends this Summer/Fall.

Listen to Hollow Earth.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mere Mortals

Happy 2016 everybody. So we ended 2015 by recording our first LP in November with Andy Nelson. I think I speak for all of us when I say it was an awesome experience. Once we got done with our stuff we had a few beloved friends make contributions on a few songs and we're super pumped about how those turned out. The final mastering touches are being applied by Brad Boatright as we speak so we can finally say the record is basically done. It's going to be called "Mere Mortals", it's got 11 songs and runs at about 35 minutes. We're all really happy with how it came out and feel it's our strongest material to date.

We're currently sending it around to labels to see if anybody wants to help us out with it. If not, we'll probably just say fuck it and press it ourselves. Either way, it will hopefully be available on vinyl by the summer.

Right before we went in to track the LP we got hit up by a friend asking if we could contribute a song to a comp he's putting out, so we wrote an extra song in the studio and laid it down while we were there. We've never written that way before, but we overcame our collective self-doubt and wrote what we all feel is a pretty ferocious song. We'll announce the details on that release when we're allowed to, haha.

In the meantime, Aaron is gonna be posting the lyrics to "Mere Mortals" one song at a time, with detailed explanations of the ideas and situations that moved him to write these songs. The initial one went up last night, it's a look at the first song on the record, "Capsized". You can check that out here:

Otherwise, we have a bunch of shows coming up: we're gonna be in Grand Rapids Thursday with Cloud Rat, in March we're playing Sanctuary twice; once with Mindset and the other time with Hollow Earth, and then we have a gig in May at the church in Royal Oak with Lentic Waters who are coming over from Europe, as well as Locktender, Old Soul, and Social Werq.

Hope all is well, 2016 is gonna be a big one for us,



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Updates

Hey, so summer has been filled with changes and things. After Sam moved to Texas, we weren't really sure what to do, but got very lucky in that our longtime friend Jimmy Lawson stepped up and has joined us on bass. We've been breaking him in and getting things situated for the LP this Fall. Last weekend we spent some time in Toledo with our friend JC at Lakebottom Recording House and knocked out demos for 5 of the new songs. JC did an awesome job, we couldn't be more stoked on how things sound. We might throw a couple of the songs on a tape, or on our bandcamp or whatever so keep your eyes and ears peeled for those. I would guess there will be some arm-wrestling matches at practice this week to decide what we should do.

Otherwise, the next few months will be spent refining and finishing the record. We'll be going back to Bricktop Recording in Chicago come November to put it down. We don't have any shows lined up at the moment, if something fun comes our way maybe we'll poke our heads out of the practice space.

Otherwise, as always there's a lot of rad stuff going on around Detroit. Give is playing at Refuge this Sunday, next weekend is Don't Call It A Fest, which Maxxwell and Nick have again put a ton of work into. Whenskiesaregrey is playing the Metal Frat September 13th, G.L.O.S.S. is playing the Trumbullplex September 16th, Envy is playing The Shelter on Halloween, fuck! Anyway, we'll see you out there.

Great Rev 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

More Writing, and A Couple Shows

Happy 2015, hope the new year has been good thus far.

On our end we've just been writing, writing, writing. Skeletons for 9 or 10 songs are pretty well set. We're shooting for 11 total to record for an LP. Aaron has been working on lyrics and the stuff he has revealed so far has been simply awesome. Musically, things are a little more straight forward and heavy this time around, not as much post-rock noodling going on, though still a bit. We're trying to be mindful about varying the tempos, song lengths, etc. Lyrically, Aaron has said that whereas previous material has been more thought-oriented, the new material is more feeling-oriented.

In terms of recording, the tentative discussion is to do some pre-production at some point this Summer to give things a listen, make whatever tweaks are needed, etc. and then to hopefully record in the Fall. It should be out on vinyl next year, maybe with the help of some labels, maybe us just doing it ourselves.

We are poking our heads out of the practice space a couple times next month. Come say hello.

Wednesday, April 1st at The Sanctuary with Cult Leader, Hollow Earth, React, and Breaking Wheel. 6:30 p.m. $10 (Note that this is an early show so everyone can bust out and lose our minds for Bane later in the evening)

Friday. April 3rd at The Berkley Front with Locktender and Roots and Ruins. 9 p.m. $5

Lastly, if you've yet to check it out, do yourself a favor and get to a show at The Sanctuary. Maxxwell continues to be the anchor to the d.i.y. scene in Detroit and the new space is a testament to his commitment. His website with a list of upcoming shows is here:  

Also, check out the new Eyesore demo, and brace yourself for the new Cloud Rat LP. Michigan on top.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Cold Out, We'll be Inside For A While....

So 2014 was pretty cool; we got to play with a lot of awesome bands, released 2 records, said goodbye to one member and hello to a new one. As winter approaches, it's time for us to settle in and really focus on writing new material, which will hopefully be recorded (and maybe released) next year. We might play a show here or there if the spirit moves, but mostly we'll be hunkering down in the practice space.
Stay Warm,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the Torch Gets Passed....

After five years of the same five bastards making noise in this band, we have a line-up change to announce. Steve will be stepping out of the Rev to focus the bulk of his energy on taking over the world with Hollow Earth. Steve is a founding member of our band and has played a huge role in the songs we have written together, so while we understand and support his decision 100%, it's definitely a little bittersweet.

That said, we're pumped to announce that our good friend Nik Hubbard will be taking over for Steve. You may know Nik from his time in Retribution; dude knows his way around the fret board and then some. We've already started working with him a little bit on material for the LP and we're definitely excited to have him involved in the writing process going forward.

Nik's first show with us will be this Saturday in Toledo at the OT with Homewrecker, Pharoah, Mutilatred, and Discerned. Come throw him the horns.

Steve will be playing his last show with us Devil's Night in Detroit at Yonka House with Axis, Eternal Sleep, Hollow Earth, and Lost Track. Come help us tell him to go fuck himself. (-: