Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Again, many thanks to Jimmy, Logan, and everyone who came out for the Relay for Life cancer benefit show on sunday! The day was not without its hiccups...but the wait for all of the mt. pleasant bands was certainly worth it! We had a jolly-good time! Unless any opportunities are presented to us, the REV will be laying low until june. We plan to record 3 new songs in july with Kevin from Positive Noise which will eventually become a 7", we're very pumped on the new material we have so far! In other news, we have t-shirts designed by our very own Samuel Collins, we'll have them at future shows. So until then, we'll see you in the pit! waaaaaaaah!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The many hidden skillz of Eric Scobie (a.k.a. MC6D)

Yo yo what's up my nizzles? This is your man MC6D droppin' the ill Easter knowledge on that ass! Check the dope vid and get a deeper understanding of how I am a true musical Renaissance Man. Ha! For real though, have a good Easter, hopefully this will make you smile. We're playing a last minute show Sunday, April 11th with Under Anchor, Deathskin Razors, Cloud Rat, and Serpent on the Mount. Steve is back from Huluding for a minute so he will be jamming with us. It's at Logan's House. Come get jiggy with us.