Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the Torch Gets Passed....

After five years of the same five bastards making noise in this band, we have a line-up change to announce. Steve will be stepping out of the Rev to focus the bulk of his energy on taking over the world with Hollow Earth. Steve is a founding member of our band and has played a huge role in the songs we have written together, so while we understand and support his decision 100%, it's definitely a little bittersweet.

That said, we're pumped to announce that our good friend Nik Hubbard will be taking over for Steve. You may know Nik from his time in Retribution; dude knows his way around the fret board and then some. We've already started working with him a little bit on material for the LP and we're definitely excited to have him involved in the writing process going forward.

Nik's first show with us will be this Saturday in Toledo at the OT with Homewrecker, Pharoah, Mutilatred, and Discerned. Come throw him the horns.

Steve will be playing his last show with us Devil's Night in Detroit at Yonka House with Axis, Eternal Sleep, Hollow Earth, and Lost Track. Come help us tell him to go fuck himself. (-: