Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last DSR Show!

Our good friends Deathskin Razors have decided to call it a day, but they are going out with a bang next Monday at The Shelter with the Suicide Machines and a few others. We've had the chance to play with them and get to know em a lot over the last year and they are a solid bunch of guys. Come head bang one last time! Word has it that Lawson and Ronjon already have a new project in the works, so keep your ears peeled for that.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Just Checking In

Hi Friends,
Not a lot to report, we're gonna start working on a new song at practice tomorrow which I'm really excited about. Our buddy Sock from Positive Noise and Xtra Vomit emailed me today that's he doing a zine themed around work-related issues and he is seeking contributions. Sock rules and zines rule, so ya know, this is gonna rule. If you're interested in contributing let us know and we'll connect you. Also, John McKaig posted some shots of us from last month at the DAAC with Run with the Hunted, and as he is an amazing photographer, they look, well....amazing. Check them out here. That brings me to the point of this ramble. We've been playing shows for about a year now, and it's been so awesome. Driving around the state to make noise, play with some of our favorite bands, and most importantly meet new friends has been such a gift. Just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has helped us with a show, watched us play, or gave us encouragement. When we started this band I didn't really think we'd ever leave Steve's basement, so playing almost a couple dozen shows and connecting with new people has been incredible.
All Love,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things Are Movin'

Fall is officially in swing and stuff is jumpin' off! A few things....this week we jam with Run With The Hunted twice...G.R. on Monday at the DAAC, Static Age on Tuesday. Shows should be rad. We are also playing with Outbreak, Reignition, and Down N Out in a few weeks at the mighty Refuge Skate Shop. The benefit for Z and Refuge is two weeks from tonight, make sure you are there! Steve is doing a new band called Shades of Red with our good bud and 6th member Sir Jimmy Lawson. They are playing the benefit for Z and their first show is in Toledo on the 9th. Band is sick, get ready for the return of Moosh on the mic. Aside from Shades and the Rev, Steve is back to Huluding. He will be doing a month in Canada with them from mid-November till mid-December. Dood is busy. Lawson will be filling in for us at the Outbreak show. Also, we wrote a new song at practice this week and it has us all pretty stoked. Some new influences creeping in, it's exciting. Flyers for all the aforementioned punk rock activities are below. Happy Halloween kids, get spooky!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Songs!

To the right you will notice we have some new tunes streaming. The first two will appear on a split 7" with our good friends They Come In Waves from Saginaw. We have heard snippets from their song, it is epic! Also, Mark and Alex have cooked up something really special for the layout. Suffice it to say I think it will be worth spending a little bit of money to get your hands on a physical copy. The record should be dropping early next year. More updates to come. You will also notice a demo version of "In Hiding", a song we've been playing live since earlier this year. That song will get re-recorded sometime next year for a 3 song 7" we are doing on our own. We will be holed up in Steve and Lauren's basement this winter writing the other 2 songs for that. SO EXCITED! More updates on that as well as there is news to report. Below are the lyrics for the songs. Aaron really outdid himself on "Empty Handed" and "Brass Tacks" if you ask me. And anyone who has seen us play "In Hiding" knows that song is really close to my heart. Get emo with me on that junk. Anyway, we hope you enjoy. We'd love to see some people get stoked with us on these songs next month at either of our shows with RWTH or the one with Outbreak.
Until then.....Scobie

upon pulpits and pedestals we crown the ethereal.
ages spent studying ghosts from worlds unknowable.
struggling with ambitions to be god, to be like god.
minds trembling, we pray to tame
inclinations inconsistent with civility.
all too aware of our impermanence,
we scour Earth's ends for presence elsewhere
to prove us everlasting.
empty handed I embrace the undeniable:
the presence of death, the breath of life, immutable truths.
an agent for the present,
the fire of vitality
my torch to bear

we stare at bloodstained spears hanging on the walls
and the captions explaining their significance.
life transformed from steady hands in treacherous times
to waxing philosophical on the progress of mankind.
education aids evolution but also illuminates
the vacancy of ideals ideals unachieved.
with no clear predator hunting us without
we prey on deficiencies within.
instincts wither while we mourn
the world that cannot be (why can't it be?)
no we cannot understand the meaning of life!
and the assertions made (wishing)
to encapsulate it hollow (quickly)
under examination. (yet we)
yearn for a depth of understanding
that will give respite
to our weary presence.
the value of relics rendered disputable
we seek to inhabit peace.
with a vow of silence on what is and what is not... (our purpose!)
i claim a vital simplicity:
to seek joy while breathing (to seek joy while breathing)
i claim this vital simplicity.

like the tips of icebergs and the tops of the trees,
i know there's life, i do believe.
there is life, deep inside of you,
that i can't harness it is killing...me!
(i know there's life, i do believe)
reasons are only grains,
only grains of sand we can't grasp with our hands,
tho i long to understand,
help me to help you shed this muted shell
live the life you long to live,
embrace the love i've avowed to give.
swing life away, scream life away,
signs that you're alive, signs that you're alive.
cracks of smiles and the light in your eyes
frozen moments...moments in time
know that i struggle with doubt,
know that i'm searching for the best way.
i am resolving to rescue you,
know that i'm waiting...i'll wait...
until that spark ignites...
and at last your flame burns bright!
i'll hold, i'll stay,
i'll lead, i'll fucking pray
for the day my restraints tell you
what i want them to say, what i want them to say.
my dearest little one, where have you been,
this search seems endless, time and again,
in laughs, in smiles, just a glimpse and then its gone,
in spite of everything, my search bears on,
and this is my resolve: to rescue you safe and sound.
i'll be here waiting, waiting to meet the real you!
as my heart beats, as my lungs breathe,
i am resolving, i am resolved.
this tangled web woven just longing to be cut free.
(i know there's life, i do believe)
know that i'm struggling my little one
know that i'm searching my lonely one
i am resolving to rescue you
know i am waiting....waiting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mini Update

Hey everybody. We just got word last night that our good friends in They Come In Waves have started tracking the song that will be on our split 7" with them. Drums are done, the rest will be coming soon. Hopefully that record will drop by years end. Also, just got a sweeter flyer for the Agnostic Front show so I thought I'd throw that up here. That jam is less than two weeks away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All is well with the Rev, we have a few insane shows coming up...AGNOSTIC FRONT for starters...then RUN WITH THE HUNTED...TWICE! so that rules! The At Half Mast show at Genesis was incredible the other night! Best turnout yet! We hope Genesis as a venue will catch on...so much potential! Lastly, our friends, and a band thats truly gets my goat every time i see them, CLOUD RAT, have posted a link to 6 new songs that will be on their split-tape with Grand Rapids' Xtra Vomit....and its already ruling my world! You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?50f3wv082yq5pb2

We have only some minor tweaking to do with Sir Kitchel before we release our 3 new songs to you... but soon! promise!

thanxxx, Aaron.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Hunted!

We are some lucky kids.....we get to play the Run With the Hunted show in Grand Rapids now too. Two days in a row with one of the best bands going. So excited.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hunted

Tonight is the end of summer bash in Grand Rapids. Beyond excited. Just got word that we are playing with Run With The Hunted in November (flyer above). They are an incredible band from Arizona.....awesome music, thought-provoking lyrics, and really nice guys from the little bit that I've interacted with them. Their new record is coming out this Fall on Panic Records. Get stoked for that! I love that the Fall is right around the corner....cooler temps, the beginning of a new school year, and of course, the start of football season. Granted, nobody else in this band cares one iota about football, but whatever. I'm sure they do care about cooler temps, which means I will be sweating less behind the drums at band practice, and thus will be able to keep my clothes on. That's right folks, shirtless drummers, they are never a positive thing.
Be Well,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So there is a guy named Chaz, who plays in a band called Homelife (make sure you check them out). He reeeeally likes the Rev. He knows the guy who books stuff at Mac's in Lansing. He texts me last week...."Would you guys wanna play with Agnostic Front?" Me: "Uh, what?" Him: "Yeah I can get you on" Me: "Uh, YEEEEEES!, It's Agnostic Front for cryin' out loud!" So we get to do it. Come see us play on a stage with monitors and stuff. We will probably be up there looking terrified, so come make us feel a touch more comfy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

9-11 Show Flyer

This show is gonna be a rager. Come hang out!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Veni Vidi Vici, Dudes!

As Julius Ceaser was two thousand years past, we too were victorious in our recording with Kevin of p-noise and oily menace fame. Kevin was also in a band called Bear Force which is a cool name for a band, I think. After a day and a half of hard rockin' cat party dudefesting, we managed to caveman our instruments into 3 brand new recordings. Kevin is still in the process of mixing them but when he is finished with the spit and polish they will be available to stream and possibly to download here on the blog. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that these our probably our best songs yet, and we're proud of how they're coming together!

We've set the two latest jams aside and our currently shopping for a partner to share a split release with us. If you or your band want to embarrass us with your skill and tact, please email us! We also recorded a demo version of In Hiding, a song that we've been playing for a some number of months already, so if you've seen us, you might be familiar with this one. This song is planned for a 7" release that is still in the very early planning stages.

I couldn't say enough nice things about working with Kevin, he knows his stuff and is a generally great guy. We had and will hopefully continue to have great times in his company.


Friday, July 30, 2010

we're recording 3 brand new songs tomorrow with kevin from posi noise! we're still sorting out how they'll be used, but we're excited none the less! hope to see you in GR august 31st! or around town, thats nice too!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Needs to Become Trendy!

Dear Iron Rain,
Where were these when we played together? HA!

Friday, July 9, 2010

End of Summer Jam!

I couldn't think of a better way to conclude my summer than by getting to be a part of this amazing line-up. Brothers, Posi Noise, and Cloud Rat are all good friends and are some of the finest bands in the state. Zann is an incredible German band that I never thought I'd have the chance to see, let alone play with. And Black Kites has Tom Schlatter, guitarist extraordinaire who has been dropping jaws for years in such bands as You and I, The Assistant, and In Present Tense. I am so pumped to see him in action again. I don't care where you live in the state, this should be on your calendar.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Additions & Subtractions

Bike Tuff had to drop the PFA show tomorrow unfortunately. Andrew is looking for another band to play, hopefully someone else hops on, but for now it's just us and PFA. 6:30, Division Gallery. PFA plays the Garden Bowl with Louder Than Bombs and Ashers afterwards. The Division Gallery show is 3 bucks, the Garden Bowl show is free I think. In other show news, Retribution has been added to the Cipher show. Come get sick for them....and everybody else. We are going in on July 31st to record 2 new songs with Kevin Kitchel in Lansing. More info on when these jams will see the light of day later.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayers for Atheists show IS Happening!

The PFA show this Tuesday the 29th will be going down. The venue did change though. It is now happening at the Division Gallery in Detroit. In addition to PFA and us, Bike Tuff is also playing. It's an early jam, we go on at 6:30. The show is just 3 dollars. PFA will be playing a second set right afterwards at the Garden Bowl, so either way, be sure to check them out.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer's Jumpin' Off!

Many thanks to Ryan once again for having us in Grand Rapids at the Meltdown; it was a lot of fun. I got to watch Posi Kevin do a whole lotta fist pumping, Aaron started the most crucial circle pit of the night, and Jon from Deathskin got a new nickname....if you see him make sure you salute him henceforth as "RonJon". Check out Shattered Badge if you get a chance, Ryan plays bass in that band and Brandon from Xtra Vomit destroys his drums. They were awesome! In related events, the new Deathskin Razors CD and the new Cloud Rat LP were both unleashed upon the world yesterday. Be sure to track those puppies down!

This is a big week in Detroit for the Core. Monday at Refuge is Burning Love, End Trails, etc., Tuesday at the Stick is Foundation, Gravemaker, Vogel, and most importantly, the coming out party for Retribution, Wednesday at Smalls is the official Deathskin CD release show with Murphy's Law (Jimmy Gestapo will always hold a special place in my heart), and Thursday we are playing in Royal Oak at Club 309 with Xerxes, Damages, and End Trails. So you should certainly be able to meet your USDA recommended allotments of headbanging and mashing this week. Lastly, the Prayers for Atheists show Tuesday, June 29th originally scheduled for the Trumbullplex is now up in the air. It may still be at the T-Plex, it may be somewhere else. We will post it when we know. Wow! That is a lot of stuff going down. Summer 010' represent!
Scobie Trice

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Couple More Flyers!

Andrew is booking this jam as well, and it should be awesome. If you like your mosh sprinkled with a little hip-hop vibe and some radical politics, you will love Cipher. All the other bands are great too. Come hang!

Here's the flyer for the Michigan Meltdown! We have been told this is an annual rager, so we couldn't be more pysched to play. Grand Rapids is always good to us, we can't wait to get back over there. Plus a lot of our friends are playing, so it should be awesome. Hopefully we will have a new song ready to play at this show.

So pretty much everybody just needs to check into a hotel in Bay City during the first week of June. We get to play this show (see flyer) on Wednesday June 2nd, then on Saturday the 5th End of a Year is playing, and on Sunday the 6th Iron Rain is playing. Sam and I already have plans to see End of a Year, and I know Aaron is hella stoked for Iron Rain. Speaking of the 6th, Former Thieves is playing that day in Howell or somewhere out that way. Somebody should really just combine those two shows and have it in Detroit. Hmmmmmm. Anyway, too many good shows in one week, Jeremy has the Snuggly Mug blowin up. Come see us play on Wednesday, or come see us hanging out at those other shows.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Couple Upcoming Show Flyers!

This flyer is for a show I'm booking/organizing. It's at a new spot. You should come. We will feed you. Xerxes are from Louisville, a town rich with punk rock history. By the Grace of God were from there, and Rob Pennington is my punk rock hero. That should be enough to entice you. Should it not be, let me mention that Damages are also playing. They are our buds, and have hooked us up in Grand Rapids a time or two. And if all that is not enough, End Trails will be playing. It is just their second show. Their first one ruled. Zac Folk has the best hair in Michigan, perhaps he can give you some tips. Kyle Callert.....well, he's just Kyle Callert damn it!

Here is the flyer for our show at the Trumbullplex on June 29. Andrew got No Control and Bike Tuff to jump on this show, which is awesome. I've been wanting to see both of those bands for a while now. Big ups to diverse line-ups on shows!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Again, many thanks to Jimmy, Logan, and everyone who came out for the Relay for Life cancer benefit show on sunday! The day was not without its hiccups...but the wait for all of the mt. pleasant bands was certainly worth it! We had a jolly-good time! Unless any opportunities are presented to us, the REV will be laying low until june. We plan to record 3 new songs in july with Kevin from Positive Noise which will eventually become a 7", we're very pumped on the new material we have so far! In other news, we have t-shirts designed by our very own Samuel Collins, we'll have them at future shows. So until then, we'll see you in the pit! waaaaaaaah!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The many hidden skillz of Eric Scobie (a.k.a. MC6D)

Yo yo what's up my nizzles? This is your man MC6D droppin' the ill Easter knowledge on that ass! Check the dope vid and get a deeper understanding of how I am a true musical Renaissance Man. Ha! For real though, have a good Easter, hopefully this will make you smile. We're playing a last minute show Sunday, April 11th with Under Anchor, Deathskin Razors, Cloud Rat, and Serpent on the Mount. Steve is back from Huluding for a minute so he will be jamming with us. It's at Logan's House. Come get jiggy with us.


Friday, March 26, 2010

tomorrow! or today? yes, today!

Come to the metal frat in Ann Arbor today and see us and DEFEATER, THE SWELLERS, FROM HELL, and DIRE WOLF play! we have t-shirts we'll be selling and cd versions of the demo as well. see you there!

-aaron, GR.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We got to play with Iron Rain and a few others last night at Justice Records up in Mt. Pleasant. It was really good to be there and see all the work Rorik and Brent have done. If you haven't gotten up there yet, make a point to do so, especially if you are a vinyl nerd. I think Alex was going to lose his mind (and his life savings) looking at all the stuff they have. Other than that, I'm incredibly stoked to say our next show is at The Metal Frat with Defeater. We're really looking forward to playing there and I personally am excited beyond words to be playing with Defeater. That band is absolutely incredible in my opinion. Nuff said. We have a few other shows lined up after that and otherwise are working on some new stuff for what will hopefully become a 7". This summer we're looking to lay down the jams with Kevin from Positive Noise at the helm. Alright, enjoy the warmer temps outside, spring is coming!
Hearts. Scobie

Monday, February 22, 2010

Check My Man Alex Ownin' This Sing Along!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

This wake I myself have Steve'd

yo so most of us went to go see steve as he came to town with shai hulud the other day. he seems like he is really having a ballroom blast touring with those guys! matt fox even let him sing three songs! he did a really good job and i could tell he was enjoying himself. later he told us that it had been the best night of their tour so far. coincidentally, it was the best time i have had seeing shai hulud so far, and i think most people who were there would agree with me. it was awesome and we miss having that guy around, hopefully he even misses us sometimes! steve if you are reading this remember not to forget about us little people.

there is another thing i want to talk about for a minute now. james (jimmy) lawson. some of you might remember jimmy from such area bands as deathskin razors, all hype, and the kenny band. jimmy has been playing with us as a replacement for steve, and even though nobody could really replace steve in the delicate equation that is great reversals, jimmy has def made up for it by adding his own unique input into what we are doing. and as we are trying to write some new songs right now, i feel like his mark on us will be long lasting and delicious like stride gum. so far i have learned that jimmy is mostly diurnal, is approx five feet, ten inches in length (give or take a few) is jolly, is a mammal, likes to wear long sleeve shirts with a plaid pattern, and enjoys the hit television show lost. i suspect there are many more things to learn about jimmy and hopefully i will continue to study him in close detail. here is a file photo of jimmy:

we already played a show with jimmy but i am pretty obsessed with this guy so i wanted to write him a proper introduction. WELCOME JIMMY.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Couple of Blurbs

So Grand Rapids the other night was good. The people there were overwhelmingly gracious and kind as usual. Below are some photos below taken by my old friend Jeremy Rush. (thanks man!) All the bands were great, especially Former Thieves in my opinion. They are something special. Our next jam is up in Mt. Pleasant at Justice Records (see flyer also below). I speak for us all when I say that we are incredibly excited to see Rorik's shop and continue to be impressed with him as a human being. Also, Steve will be in town with Shai Hulud this Friday in Lansing, and quite possibly at another location which shall remain nameless. At any rate, we are excited to see him rock with the worm, come see him and say hi to the rest of us while we mosh.
Over & Out

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grand Rapids Here We Come (Again)

Big hugs to Britty and the boys in Damages for letting us hop on the show in G.R. at The Cage on Monday, Feb. 15th. Also contributing to hearing loss that evening will be Ends, Damages, Dire Wolf, and Former Thieves from Iowa who will be in the middle of what looks like a pretty epic three month tour. Those guys bring the jams to boot so you will not want to miss them. Last month when we played The Cage it was so fun....good vibes, lots of friends (old and new), and an awesome venue, so needless to say we're pretty pumped to get back there. This will be our first show with Jimmy filling in on guitar, so come show him some love! Also, you should definitely bring us some leftover Valentine's Day candy. I kinda have a thing for chocolate.

Hearts. Scobie

edit: flyerz

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Farewells

So our farewell (to me, Steve) basement show was a success that definitely made up for the Flint show getting crashed by the cops. Thanks again to everyone who participated, I'm extremely grateful to have had the chance to play one last show before embarking on my endeavor with Shai Hulud. Though I may of mentioned it during our set the other night, I would like to reiterate a few points... Playing in GR8 REV over the course of this past year has been an incredible experience. Creating these songs was not easy but the progress we've made is quite rewarding, particularly with our newest song, In Hiding. I can't stress it enough; writing and performing that song was the greatest parting gift I ever could have asked for. I'm very excited about what the future has in store for the Rev, but as for what we've accomplished thus far... I'm very proud. Making music while simultaneously strengthening friendships, you really can't go wrong! Not to mention, I've even been appointed the roll of Inspector General of Polish Mosh Services by President Errak Scobama... What more could I possibly ask for?!?

Aaron, Scobie, Alex and sometimes Sam... I already miss you boys! Jimmy, do the REV proud, I'll see you all in a few weeks.

P.S. - At one point during this update iTunes shuffle shoved one of THE heaviest TAD song's down my ear canals!!! Coincidentally, I'm wearing a TAD shirt with sweat pants. Just picture me in said apparel, rocking the fuck out and wanting to punch things.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Farewell to Steve!

hi everyone. sadly tomorrow night (tonight actually) will be our last show with steve for a while, as he is going off to sing for shai hulud (if you didnt already know). i can confidently say that we will all miss him, and wish him the best on this latest adventure. in the meantime mr. jimmy lawson (of deathskin razors and apparently like 4 other bands) will be filling in for us on guitar and possibly filling steves shoes in backup vocals as well. ive just met jimmy but he seems like a nice young man and i am excited to play with him and get to know him better!

on to the real stuff. we are playing a show tomorrow night to send steve off. this event is free and takes place at laurens house in dearborn. here is a flyer i constructed for you all to view, it has most of the pertinent information on it.

please come out and help us send steve off in style!

also our friend matt from grand rapids recorded our set we played out there at the cage! you can download that by clicking on this link! prepare to be kidnapped to china town by our main man erak scobama on the drums! that is also his voice a very enthusiastic "GO"! that guy rules.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Please do not stop our shows, officer?

so tonight we were hanging around at this house, about to play our songs, when mr police officer showed up. he shut the whole hootenanny down and made us all really upset and frustrated because we didnt get to play our brand new song we have been working really hard on. not that it was all bad, we did get to watch brink! (i think there is an exclamation point in their name. confirm/deny?) rescuer, and down time. i personally thought down time was great. their sound is right up my alley. also when announcing their last song, rescuer told everyone that it was about chrono trigger, which i thought was awesome. still sucks that the out of town bands didnt get to play.

so we are in the process of trying to get a show together in ferndale on tuesday so we can properly send off our friend and guitar player steve. more news as that story develops.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A small update from the Rev.

Hello to the four people that read this. How are you? We're doing pretty great. We just finished up a couple shows in the last week, both of which were extreme amounts of fun. The Another Breath show was great, thanks to everyone who made it there. It was awesome to get to see that band two nights in a row. And on Monday we played in Grand Rapids with Positive Noise, Damages, and an absolutely killer band from PA called Burdens. That was a blast. Aaron and Scobie in particular enjoyed catching up with old GR friends, and I had fun making some new ones. All around, it was an excellent few days.

We've got one show coming up on Saturday in Flint with Karloff, Controversy, and a whole bunch of other cool bands. A total of six bands on the bill, and I think it's at a house? Should be fun, and it will be the final show that Steve plays with us before he takes off to sing for Shai Hulud for a few months. Looks like Mr. Jimmy Lawson of Deathskin Razors will be filling in for him while he is fronting the Worm. We are stoked to play with Jimmy, and stoked for Steve to go off and be a rockstar for a while! Here's the flyer:

I think that's about it. Come hang out on Saturday if you'd like. Listen to Ringworm. Bye!

- Alex

Friday, January 1, 2010

Back on the Another Breath show!

I'm not really sure why, but I got word today that Alert had to drop off next Friday's show with Another Breath. I guess their loss is our gain cuz Andrew is putting us back on the show. So for all you who are coming to bang your head (or mosh, or fingerpoint, or just stand there with your hands in your pockets or whatever) to Outlast, Like Wolves, and Another Breath, you will also have the wonderful opportunity of doing so for us as well. For real though, you can skip us if you want, just make sure you show up for Another Breath. Their new record "The God Complex" is powerful....musically and idea-wise, a discussion starter for sure. See ya next Friday at Refuge. Okay I'm out, Under Anchor is jamming right down the street and I think I'm late, gotta bust.

Edit: Just pretend our name is on this flyer instead of Alert

Happy 2010
Scobie/GR8 REV.