Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We got to play with Iron Rain and a few others last night at Justice Records up in Mt. Pleasant. It was really good to be there and see all the work Rorik and Brent have done. If you haven't gotten up there yet, make a point to do so, especially if you are a vinyl nerd. I think Alex was going to lose his mind (and his life savings) looking at all the stuff they have. Other than that, I'm incredibly stoked to say our next show is at The Metal Frat with Defeater. We're really looking forward to playing there and I personally am excited beyond words to be playing with Defeater. That band is absolutely incredible in my opinion. Nuff said. We have a few other shows lined up after that and otherwise are working on some new stuff for what will hopefully become a 7". This summer we're looking to lay down the jams with Kevin from Positive Noise at the helm. Alright, enjoy the warmer temps outside, spring is coming!
Hearts. Scobie

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