Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi all! My apologies for taking so long to update.  We tend to post more on FB than here, sorry about that.  But we have a couple shows coming up, a couple new songs in the works, and some hopes of doing a northeastern/western-Michigan weekend this winter!  For anyone unaware, we're working on putting together 3 songs for a 7" due out this spring thru our friend Chris Zibutis and his label How Soon Is Now Records ( The songs will deal with my feelings around fatherhood and my sweet lil'-baby-cake-o'-wheat, Frances.

Since i'm not savvy enough to know how to post pics of flyers on this thing, here are the links to FB pages for the Harvest and Axis shows coming up:,

Okay, happy holidays, see you around, hope you're well, and say 'hi' if you run into any of us!  do it!

-Aaron/GR8 REV.

ps. hopefully when scobie looks at this thing he'll fix it so there are images....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trial, Enabler, and a Mini-Weekend

Great things coming up. Next weekend we are playing Grand Rapids and Chicago with our homies in  Clockwork, super stoked to get in the van, it's been a very long time. October 12th we are jamming with Enabler....metal time! November 3rd we are jamming with Trial and all of our best friends.....holyfuckingshit time! New songs are coming veeeeery slowly, but good things come to those who wait. In other events, it's hoodie weather and I get to watch football every weekend for the next 3 months. Happiness.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Shows Coming Up!

Hey Everybody,
We have two shows before summer closes out, then Fall is upon us and hopefully we can focus on wrapping up some of the new songs we've been working on. The first is two Mondays from now (the 20th) at Refuge with Sacred Love who will be on tour from Baltimore as well as Poison Tongues and our good pals in Not Ok. Then on Friday the 24th we get to play Launch in Ann Arbor with Xibalba, Alpha & Omega, Power Trip, and some unnamed Canucks. Safe to say your moshing shoes should be fully strapped on that night. Also, afterwards there is a show at the Metal Fraternity with Pity Sex, Bravebird, and Colony among others. We got to play with Colony last month. You are messing up if you do not see them. Anyway, flyers for both of the shows we are playing are below. Also, on a personal note I'm booking a show October 4th at the church in Royal Oak with my dudes Cynarae who are from Seattle, as well as Hollow Earth, The Oily Menace, and Dead Church. All friends, all bangers. That flyer is below as well. Finally, if you haven't picked up our record yet you can get it from us direct, or from How Soon Is Now, Melotov, Deathwish, and A389. Also you will soon be able to get it from Shop Radio Cast, Work in Shadows, or Adagio 830 if you're in Europe. Alright that's it.
Over & Out,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Up!?

Hey Everybody,
Just checking in. We've had the pleasure of jamming with two of South Carolina's finest within the last week, Apart and Discourse; check them out if you haven't yet. Big thanks to Sir Law for helping us at both of these shows. We played last night for the first time ever at The Halfway House, and it was a really fun show. It's been a super long time since we've jammed a house show, it felt great. We play there again with Divider July not miss this opportunity to have your eardrums destroyed, they are absolutely awesome. In other events, we got cd's in the mail the other day, so all you non-record player havin' folks, we got you covered. It also has an Unbroken cover which is not available anywhere else, so that's a little added bonus. They're in our webstore for $5. Do it! Otherwise, we've had the blue vinyl for a few weeks now, we've been working on lining up distribution for far you can get the record from Deathwish, Panic, Melotov, A389 and How Soon is Now. All of those labels put out awesome stuff and are run by solid people, so we would highly recommend supporting all of them. For the rest of the summer we have a couple more shows lined up at present, and we're very slooooooowly starting to piece together some new songs. Super tentative plans to record at some point this Fall perhaps, we'll see how things materialize. K that's all for now.

P.S. Here's what that CD looks like!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Upcoming Shows

We have a couple of shows coming up, here are the flyers. We're really excited for both. June 5 there should be a few Lost Time Records comps available which feature our song "Open Wounds" as well as tracks from a bunch of rad bands from all over the Midwest. July 11th we get to play with Divider which I'm personally really stoked on. I have been old friends with their singer Chris for a looooong time but I've never actually met him in person, we used to trade releases when we each ran record labels back in the day, so it'll rule to finally meet him. Also, our CD has an official release date of May 25. We are hoping (fingers crossed) to have them in time for the June 5th show. Also hoping to have 10 inches on blue that night. Summer's coming, good things in the mix.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Record Out Now!

Almost a year after it was  recorded "To the Ends of the Earth" is finally out. It looks and sounds awesome. Thank you to everyone  who came to the release show last weekend or has bought a copy through the online store. Without getting into the ugly details, American Enemy Records imploded quite suddenly and we've been stuck with the costs of pressing the record. So we're looking to play as many shows as we can fit into our schedules as well as looking ahead and writing new songs. We get to play with Defeater next week and we have an awesome show with Divider (ex-Skycamefalling) and a bunch of others in July. Oh yeah, a CD version of the record should be available in a month or so through Indelirium Records from Italy. More info on that when we get it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Record Release Show Poster

D.J. Radtke will be screening 50 of these posters for the record release show. Come grab one. Less than 2 weeks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Things Soon!

Hey Everyone,
We are less than a month out from our record release show. Couldn't be more excited. The 10 inch will be out on black, grey, and dark blue vinyl. The CD is now being released by Indelirium Records from Italy. To spice it up, the CD version will feature our two split 7" songs as well as a cover we are recording in a couple of weeks. It will be out sometime early summer. Finally, we just got word that we are playing Wednesday, May 2nd with Defeater and Code Orange Kids. Jay from Defeater recorded the new e.p., so it will be amazing to play with them pretty much right after the record drops. Otherwise, working on new songs.
All is Well,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is Coming

Sup, it's been a bit. A few items to mention. First of all, pre-orders for "To the Ends of the Earth" should for real be coming within the next few weeks. Record out 4.24.12. Secondly, a couple of shows. March 22nd in Ann Arbor at Launch with Harm's Way, Dead End Path, Bloodhound, and our pals in Not Ok. May 19th at Genesis with Shudders (who we are so stoked to finally play with) as well as No Side from Flint, and Freedom, which features an all-star cast with none other than Sir Law, The Kutch The Calling, and Big Daddy Folk. In other events, we have a new jam well on its way and a cover song we'll be unveiling at the Launch show. Also, Steve has commenced world takeover with Holla Earth. They are heading South for a couple weeks but will be playing a tour kick-off show with Discourse on March 7th. Go headbang. Finally, we will be announcing details for our co-record release show with the Hollow Earth boys very soon. We're super stoked about that.
Over & Out,


Sunday, January 1, 2012

R.I.P. Positive Noise

If there is one band that has done more for us than anybody else it has got to be Positive Noise. We shared our first two shows with them, and they have become great friends ever since. From Ryan booking us countless times in G.R. to Kevin recording us for the Waves split, to Sock and Casey being among the warmest, most welcoming people we have ever met, they have been so awesome to us. Positive Noise embodies everything pure, honest, and amazing about diy hardcore punk. Sadly, none of us were able to make this show, but this video captures some of the passion and raw energy that these guys embodied. I know each of them will continue to contribute in various ways whether it is playing in other bands, running restaurants, recording bands, booking shows, etc., but we owe them a lot, and wanted to acknowledge what they have meant to us. Thank you so much to Ryan, Kevin, Casey, and Sock.