Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year Goes By...

yo just hoppin on the ol' blogspot to wish everyone peace and prosperity in 2010. isn't it kinda weird how these tiny moments represent such huge jumps in time? 2009 one second and 2010 the next? next year starts tomorrow, but it's really only one day away. speaking for myself, i try to take some time and reflect on the things that i thought were great about 2009 (probably the best experience for me was getting together with these dudes and getting started as a band, i now consider aaron, eric and steve to be some of my best friends) and looking forward to hopefully a great year coming up. i've got big plans for 2010 so watch out everybody. happy new year!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Grand Rapids Hardcore.

hi there! how are you? well i hope! just wanted to tell you about a cool website called it's maintained by ryan from positive noise and has tons of show posts, reviews, pics, flyers etc. chronicling grand rapids hardcore now and then and some other things. ryan was kind enough to do a little write up about GREAT REVERSALS on this site, thanks to him for the kind words! we are playing with positive noise and others on january 11, 2010, come say hi if you have time!
oooooh big gulps eh? all right! well....see ya later!

aaron - GR8 REV.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Shows!

Hey Friends,

We just got a couple more shows lined up. Both are in basements which rules. They are as follows:

Monday, January 11th in Grand Rapids at 336 Henry Street 8:00
also playing are Damages, Cut Short, and two others

Saturday January 16th in Flint at 2718 Epsilon Trail
also playing are Controversy, Karloff, and Down Time.

More details/flyers will be posted for these as soon as we get them.

Don't forget to come out this Saturday the 26th for the Lazarus Taxa tour kick-off jam with us and our good buddies Positive Noise from Grand Rapids. Also, we are going to see this flick called Black Dynamite after the show. If you're into kung-fu, afros, or people with afros doing some kung-fu, you should be getting stoked right about now!

Stay warm, Merry Christmas.

Eric/GR8 REV

Friday, December 18, 2009

saturday, dec. 26th.

Hi everyone! sorry we're posting this so late, we were waiting on a flyer thats "in the works"...but who cares...its next friggin week! so come to dana's! i'm going to make some food, we're gonna play some songs, some other sweet bands are going to play songs...i'm gonna hit my head on the ceiling because its a basement show and i'm too tall for life, its gonna rule! hope to see you there!

aaron, GR8 REV.

UPDATE! flyer got made doggies!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Reversals: Caught on Tape!

yo we were lucky enough to get to play our first show at michigan fest. thanks to rorik for putting us on that thing! i ate some good food, i saw some good bands, and i chatted with some nice folks. it was pretty awesome.

anyway some nice gentleman took a video of us playin' one of our songs. here is that.

i hope you enjoyed that. i know everybody looks docile in the video, but just out of frame everybody is jumpin' around and goin' nuts and climbin' the walls and eatin' bananas. trust me.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

welcome! thank you!

welcome! as i'm sure you can see, this blogspot is currently under construction. sweet images and information to come in the future! for now we have our 5 song demo up for streaming, you can also download it here, or when you see us you can get it on cassette tape with homemade layouts, inserts, etc. those are limited to 100. we played our first show last weekend in mt. pleasant as a part of Michigan Fest 2009 and it was a jolly good time! tons of amazing bands, food, vibes, sing-alongs, etc. We are playing a couple shows in the near future, one on saturday, december 26, 2009 with Lazarus Taxa and Positive Noise in warren, and friday, january 8th, 2010 with Another Breath and Like Wolves at a venue yet to be confirmed. we'll post more information and flyers as we receive them. well, thanks for coming by, hope all is well in your world!

aaron - GR8 REV.

update: sorry, we are no longer playing with another breath, but we'll still be there singing along!

Monday, November 30, 2009

First Post

chiggity check