Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Shows!

Hey Friends,

We just got a couple more shows lined up. Both are in basements which rules. They are as follows:

Monday, January 11th in Grand Rapids at 336 Henry Street 8:00
also playing are Damages, Cut Short, and two others

Saturday January 16th in Flint at 2718 Epsilon Trail
also playing are Controversy, Karloff, and Down Time.

More details/flyers will be posted for these as soon as we get them.

Don't forget to come out this Saturday the 26th for the Lazarus Taxa tour kick-off jam with us and our good buddies Positive Noise from Grand Rapids. Also, we are going to see this flick called Black Dynamite after the show. If you're into kung-fu, afros, or people with afros doing some kung-fu, you should be getting stoked right about now!

Stay warm, Merry Christmas.

Eric/GR8 REV

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