Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Cold Out, We'll be Inside For A While....

So 2014 was pretty cool; we got to play with a lot of awesome bands, released 2 records, said goodbye to one member and hello to a new one. As winter approaches, it's time for us to settle in and really focus on writing new material, which will hopefully be recorded (and maybe released) next year. We might play a show here or there if the spirit moves, but mostly we'll be hunkering down in the practice space.
Stay Warm,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the Torch Gets Passed....

After five years of the same five bastards making noise in this band, we have a line-up change to announce. Steve will be stepping out of the Rev to focus the bulk of his energy on taking over the world with Hollow Earth. Steve is a founding member of our band and has played a huge role in the songs we have written together, so while we understand and support his decision 100%, it's definitely a little bittersweet.

That said, we're pumped to announce that our good friend Nik Hubbard will be taking over for Steve. You may know Nik from his time in Retribution; dude knows his way around the fret board and then some. We've already started working with him a little bit on material for the LP and we're definitely excited to have him involved in the writing process going forward.

Nik's first show with us will be this Saturday in Toledo at the OT with Homewrecker, Pharoah, Mutilatred, and Discerned. Come throw him the horns.

Steve will be playing his last show with us Devil's Night in Detroit at Yonka House with Axis, Eternal Sleep, Hollow Earth, and Lost Track. Come help us tell him to go fuck himself. (-:

Thursday, April 24, 2014


We've been kind of slacking on updating this thing for a while now, but we have lots going on. First things first, we released a new split 7" with our friends in Sunlight Ascending a couple of months ago. They came out really cool and we're excited we got to work with such good friends and talented musicians.

Next, our other new 7" "Natural Burial" should be out very soon. The awesome dudes at How Soon is Now, Hydrogen Man, and Protagonist are teaming up to release that for us and we're really thankful to all of them for putting their faith in us and lending a hand. We are doing a small run out to Philly and back next weekend to celebrate the release. The dates are as follows:

Friday, May 2nd in Columbus, Ohio with Northern Widows and Prize the Doubt.

Saturday, May 3rd in Philly at Lava with Capacities, Manalive, and Limits.

Sunday May 4th in Pittsburgh with Blood Red and others TBA **Matinee Show**

After that a local release show is happening May 10th at Yonka with our friends in Old Soul as well as SNAFU and La Armada.

Beyond that, Steve will be on tour a lot of this year with Hollow Earth so the rest of us will be working on new songs. After a demo, two split 7 inches, our own 7 inch, and a 10 inch, we've decided the next logical step is an LP. Never thought we'd say that but we're gonna go for it. We already have rough skeletons for about three new songs and have a bunch more riffs hanging around so we'll be in the practice space a lot this year. It would be sweet to record by the end of this year or early next year; we'll see how that pans out, haha.

In non band-related activities, Aaron has been blogging about life, love and regret via http://maybeitscomplicated.blogspot.com/. My dude is an amazing writer, go check it out.

I've been doing lots of interviews with music people via http://scobonixxx.blogspot.com/ and I'm also starting a little label called Dropping Bombs. The first release is a one-sided 7" from the homies in Spit Spewing Snakes. That should be out in the next week or two.

This Fall will be five years that we've been playing shows. I know for me it feels surreal that it's been that long and I continue to love having this band as a vehicle for fun, stress relief and personal expression. To anyone that gives a shit about us; whether it's been for a week or going on 5 years now, thanks.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Records Coming Out, Shows Coming Up

Happy new year everybody, we're pretty stoked on what 2014 has in store for us.

First things first, our split 7" with Sunlight Ascending has been at the plant for a few weeks. We should have tests in hand soon, pre-orders and a full stream of the record should be up in the next little while.

After that, we have another new 7" entitled "Natural Burial" coming out around April. We're super psyched to announce that the record will be released collaboratively by our friends at How Soon is Now, Hydrogen Man, and Protagonist. All three labels are run by awesome people who we couldn't be happier to be working with. Also, the layout for that bad boy is being handled by Alex CF from Light Bearer/Fall of Efrafa, and all we can say is the stuff we have seen so far has been super sick.

In addition to the records coming out, we have a bunch of rad shows coming up for the first little bit of the year:
Tuesday, Jan 7th at Anna's apartment in Detroit with Discourse, Hollow Earth, and Peach Pit.
Saturday, January 11th at Yonka in Detroit with No More, From Hell, Not Ok, Spit Spewing Snakes, and Serve & Defy.
Tuesday, January 14th again at Yonka in Detroit with Hollow Earth, Retribution, and a special guest that everyone will mosh and sing along too. It's gonna be bad fucking ass.
Sunday, February 16th at Refuge in Dearborn with Dangers, Left of the Dial, and End Trails.

Other than that, Steve will be recording a new full length with Hollow Earth at the start of February, you're not ready for that shit.

Stay warm,