Monday, March 2, 2015

More Writing, and A Couple Shows

Happy 2015, hope the new year has been good thus far.

On our end we've just been writing, writing, writing. Skeletons for 9 or 10 songs are pretty well set. We're shooting for 11 total to record for an LP. Aaron has been working on lyrics and the stuff he has revealed so far has been simply awesome. Musically, things are a little more straight forward and heavy this time around, not as much post-rock noodling going on, though still a bit. We're trying to be mindful about varying the tempos, song lengths, etc. Lyrically, Aaron has said that whereas previous material has been more thought-oriented, the new material is more feeling-oriented.

In terms of recording, the tentative discussion is to do some pre-production at some point this Summer to give things a listen, make whatever tweaks are needed, etc. and then to hopefully record in the Fall. It should be out on vinyl next year, maybe with the help of some labels, maybe us just doing it ourselves.

We are poking our heads out of the practice space a couple times next month. Come say hello.

Wednesday, April 1st at The Sanctuary with Cult Leader, Hollow Earth, React, and Breaking Wheel. 6:30 p.m. $10 (Note that this is an early show so everyone can bust out and lose our minds for Bane later in the evening)

Friday. April 3rd at The Berkley Front with Locktender and Roots and Ruins. 9 p.m. $5

Lastly, if you've yet to check it out, do yourself a favor and get to a show at The Sanctuary. Maxxwell continues to be the anchor to the d.i.y. scene in Detroit and the new space is a testament to his commitment. His website with a list of upcoming shows is here:  

Also, check out the new Eyesore demo, and brace yourself for the new Cloud Rat LP. Michigan on top.