Wednesday, December 2, 2009

welcome! thank you!

welcome! as i'm sure you can see, this blogspot is currently under construction. sweet images and information to come in the future! for now we have our 5 song demo up for streaming, you can also download it here, or when you see us you can get it on cassette tape with homemade layouts, inserts, etc. those are limited to 100. we played our first show last weekend in mt. pleasant as a part of Michigan Fest 2009 and it was a jolly good time! tons of amazing bands, food, vibes, sing-alongs, etc. We are playing a couple shows in the near future, one on saturday, december 26, 2009 with Lazarus Taxa and Positive Noise in warren, and friday, january 8th, 2010 with Another Breath and Like Wolves at a venue yet to be confirmed. we'll post more information and flyers as we receive them. well, thanks for coming by, hope all is well in your world!

aaron - GR8 REV.

update: sorry, we are no longer playing with another breath, but we'll still be there singing along!

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