Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Up!?

Hey Everybody,
Just checking in. We've had the pleasure of jamming with two of South Carolina's finest within the last week, Apart and Discourse; check them out if you haven't yet. Big thanks to Sir Law for helping us at both of these shows. We played last night for the first time ever at The Halfway House, and it was a really fun show. It's been a super long time since we've jammed a house show, it felt great. We play there again with Divider July not miss this opportunity to have your eardrums destroyed, they are absolutely awesome. In other events, we got cd's in the mail the other day, so all you non-record player havin' folks, we got you covered. It also has an Unbroken cover which is not available anywhere else, so that's a little added bonus. They're in our webstore for $5. Do it! Otherwise, we've had the blue vinyl for a few weeks now, we've been working on lining up distribution for far you can get the record from Deathwish, Panic, Melotov, A389 and How Soon is Now. All of those labels put out awesome stuff and are run by solid people, so we would highly recommend supporting all of them. For the rest of the summer we have a couple more shows lined up at present, and we're very slooooooowly starting to piece together some new songs. Super tentative plans to record at some point this Fall perhaps, we'll see how things materialize. K that's all for now.

P.S. Here's what that CD looks like!


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