Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Shows Coming Up!

Hey Everybody,
We have two shows before summer closes out, then Fall is upon us and hopefully we can focus on wrapping up some of the new songs we've been working on. The first is two Mondays from now (the 20th) at Refuge with Sacred Love who will be on tour from Baltimore as well as Poison Tongues and our good pals in Not Ok. Then on Friday the 24th we get to play Launch in Ann Arbor with Xibalba, Alpha & Omega, Power Trip, and some unnamed Canucks. Safe to say your moshing shoes should be fully strapped on that night. Also, afterwards there is a show at the Metal Fraternity with Pity Sex, Bravebird, and Colony among others. We got to play with Colony last month. You are messing up if you do not see them. Anyway, flyers for both of the shows we are playing are below. Also, on a personal note I'm booking a show October 4th at the church in Royal Oak with my dudes Cynarae who are from Seattle, as well as Hollow Earth, The Oily Menace, and Dead Church. All friends, all bangers. That flyer is below as well. Finally, if you haven't picked up our record yet you can get it from us direct, or from How Soon Is Now, Melotov, Deathwish, and A389. Also you will soon be able to get it from Shop Radio Cast, Work in Shadows, or Adagio 830 if you're in Europe. Alright that's it.
Over & Out,

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