Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi all! My apologies for taking so long to update.  We tend to post more on FB than here, sorry about that.  But we have a couple shows coming up, a couple new songs in the works, and some hopes of doing a northeastern/western-Michigan weekend this winter!  For anyone unaware, we're working on putting together 3 songs for a 7" due out this spring thru our friend Chris Zibutis and his label How Soon Is Now Records ( The songs will deal with my feelings around fatherhood and my sweet lil'-baby-cake-o'-wheat, Frances.

Since i'm not savvy enough to know how to post pics of flyers on this thing, here are the links to FB pages for the Harvest and Axis shows coming up:,

Okay, happy holidays, see you around, hope you're well, and say 'hi' if you run into any of us!  do it!

-Aaron/GR8 REV.

ps. hopefully when scobie looks at this thing he'll fix it so there are images....

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