Friday, May 31, 2013

Heating up for Summer

Not sure how six months went by with no blog updates, but here we are. Lots going on in the Rev camp these days. We started tracking a new song last night for a split 7" that we're planning to do as a d.i.y. release. I hate recording and I have dreams where I fight click tracks so all I can say is that Chris Trestain is a saint. More details on the split will be announced once both bands have their songs in the bag.

We have two shows coming up in the next couple weeks, June 15th at The Painted Lady and June 17th at Refuge. Originally Mike Moy from Hollow Earth was going to fill in on those shows, but Steve's Shai Hulud summer party isn't starting until July now so have no fear, his golden locks will be gracing the stage with us.

We're still in the process of figuring out when we'll be recording our other 3 new songs for the 7" that How Soon is Now will be releasing. We originally had plans for Chicago at the end of summer, but it appears as though the Shai Hulud fun is now going to interfere with that )-:

Otherwise, I did an interview with my old friend Tom Schlatter for his blog. If you're bored you can go read my typical long-winded answers here.

In other Rev-related activities, Sam's other band Boneshaker has a new drummer so they should hopefully be gearing up to play more shows soon. Alex started a new punk rock band with a bunch of our good friends and it blazes in Propagandhi-esque fashion. Steve is in the process of recording a new 7" with Tharsis They which promises to steal your significant other and light your speakers on fire.

Aaron and I are dads so we change diapers, take our kids to the park, and hope for long naps.

Here's to hoping your summer is filled with such splendor.

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