Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Fall.

What's up? We've got a couple things on the docket. First things first. We are playing the final Under Anchor show on Saturday, September 7th at Genesis in Royal Oak. If you're a Michigan hardcore kid you know how important Under Anchor and its various members have been in our scene over the last 5 years or so. Brent Fisher has pressed UA's LP "There is No End" on vinyl, so you can pick that up as well. Attending this show is a no brainer. Oh yeah, Aaron will be out of town that weekend, so it looks like our friend Dylan from Shudders will be filling in on vocals. Sick.

Secondly, we finally nailed down dates to record our new 7" which will be released by our good friend Chris from How Soon is Now Records. We will be heading to Chicago from October 4th-6th to record at Bricktop Studios with Andy Nelson. Andy recorded our friends in Clockwork and he's also done some big stuff like Harm's Way and whatnot. The record will sound huge, we're excited for it.

Otherwise, Boneshaker has a new drummer and are playing shows again, so look out for that. Hollow Earth is slowly working on new material. Alex's other project No Funeral is slogging along, they need a singer though.

We have one other really cool announcement we're keeping up our sleeves for a bit, hopefully we'll be able to talk about that soon.


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