Sunday, January 1, 2012

R.I.P. Positive Noise

If there is one band that has done more for us than anybody else it has got to be Positive Noise. We shared our first two shows with them, and they have become great friends ever since. From Ryan booking us countless times in G.R. to Kevin recording us for the Waves split, to Sock and Casey being among the warmest, most welcoming people we have ever met, they have been so awesome to us. Positive Noise embodies everything pure, honest, and amazing about diy hardcore punk. Sadly, none of us were able to make this show, but this video captures some of the passion and raw energy that these guys embodied. I know each of them will continue to contribute in various ways whether it is playing in other bands, running restaurants, recording bands, booking shows, etc., but we owe them a lot, and wanted to acknowledge what they have meant to us. Thank you so much to Ryan, Kevin, Casey, and Sock.

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