Monday, May 17, 2010

A Couple More Flyers!

Andrew is booking this jam as well, and it should be awesome. If you like your mosh sprinkled with a little hip-hop vibe and some radical politics, you will love Cipher. All the other bands are great too. Come hang!

Here's the flyer for the Michigan Meltdown! We have been told this is an annual rager, so we couldn't be more pysched to play. Grand Rapids is always good to us, we can't wait to get back over there. Plus a lot of our friends are playing, so it should be awesome. Hopefully we will have a new song ready to play at this show.

So pretty much everybody just needs to check into a hotel in Bay City during the first week of June. We get to play this show (see flyer) on Wednesday June 2nd, then on Saturday the 5th End of a Year is playing, and on Sunday the 6th Iron Rain is playing. Sam and I already have plans to see End of a Year, and I know Aaron is hella stoked for Iron Rain. Speaking of the 6th, Former Thieves is playing that day in Howell or somewhere out that way. Somebody should really just combine those two shows and have it in Detroit. Hmmmmmm. Anyway, too many good shows in one week, Jeremy has the Snuggly Mug blowin up. Come see us play on Wednesday, or come see us hanging out at those other shows.

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