Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer's Jumpin' Off!

Many thanks to Ryan once again for having us in Grand Rapids at the Meltdown; it was a lot of fun. I got to watch Posi Kevin do a whole lotta fist pumping, Aaron started the most crucial circle pit of the night, and Jon from Deathskin got a new nickname....if you see him make sure you salute him henceforth as "RonJon". Check out Shattered Badge if you get a chance, Ryan plays bass in that band and Brandon from Xtra Vomit destroys his drums. They were awesome! In related events, the new Deathskin Razors CD and the new Cloud Rat LP were both unleashed upon the world yesterday. Be sure to track those puppies down!

This is a big week in Detroit for the Core. Monday at Refuge is Burning Love, End Trails, etc., Tuesday at the Stick is Foundation, Gravemaker, Vogel, and most importantly, the coming out party for Retribution, Wednesday at Smalls is the official Deathskin CD release show with Murphy's Law (Jimmy Gestapo will always hold a special place in my heart), and Thursday we are playing in Royal Oak at Club 309 with Xerxes, Damages, and End Trails. So you should certainly be able to meet your USDA recommended allotments of headbanging and mashing this week. Lastly, the Prayers for Atheists show Tuesday, June 29th originally scheduled for the Trumbullplex is now up in the air. It may still be at the T-Plex, it may be somewhere else. We will post it when we know. Wow! That is a lot of stuff going down. Summer 010' represent!
Scobie Trice

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