Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Farewell to Steve!

hi everyone. sadly tomorrow night (tonight actually) will be our last show with steve for a while, as he is going off to sing for shai hulud (if you didnt already know). i can confidently say that we will all miss him, and wish him the best on this latest adventure. in the meantime mr. jimmy lawson (of deathskin razors and apparently like 4 other bands) will be filling in for us on guitar and possibly filling steves shoes in backup vocals as well. ive just met jimmy but he seems like a nice young man and i am excited to play with him and get to know him better!

on to the real stuff. we are playing a show tomorrow night to send steve off. this event is free and takes place at laurens house in dearborn. here is a flyer i constructed for you all to view, it has most of the pertinent information on it.

please come out and help us send steve off in style!

also our friend matt from grand rapids recorded our set we played out there at the cage! you can download that by clicking on this link! prepare to be kidnapped to china town by our main man erak scobama on the drums! that is also his voice a very enthusiastic "GO"! that guy rules.


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