Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A small update from the Rev.

Hello to the four people that read this. How are you? We're doing pretty great. We just finished up a couple shows in the last week, both of which were extreme amounts of fun. The Another Breath show was great, thanks to everyone who made it there. It was awesome to get to see that band two nights in a row. And on Monday we played in Grand Rapids with Positive Noise, Damages, and an absolutely killer band from PA called Burdens. That was a blast. Aaron and Scobie in particular enjoyed catching up with old GR friends, and I had fun making some new ones. All around, it was an excellent few days.

We've got one show coming up on Saturday in Flint with Karloff, Controversy, and a whole bunch of other cool bands. A total of six bands on the bill, and I think it's at a house? Should be fun, and it will be the final show that Steve plays with us before he takes off to sing for Shai Hulud for a few months. Looks like Mr. Jimmy Lawson of Deathskin Razors will be filling in for him while he is fronting the Worm. We are stoked to play with Jimmy, and stoked for Steve to go off and be a rockstar for a while! Here's the flyer:

I think that's about it. Come hang out on Saturday if you'd like. Listen to Ringworm. Bye!

- Alex


  1. Hooray! Alexxx posted in the blog! Now I'm the only one left... dare I say, a blog virgin?!? Anywho, I don't know how I feel about you using my name and the words rock star in the same sentence, but I'll let it slide =)

  2. I read this! This is Lauren... I have my own blogspot -, but I cannot figure out how to log-in at the moment because they switched everything over to gmail and I don't have a gmail account! Grrr!!