Sunday, February 21, 2010

This wake I myself have Steve'd

yo so most of us went to go see steve as he came to town with shai hulud the other day. he seems like he is really having a ballroom blast touring with those guys! matt fox even let him sing three songs! he did a really good job and i could tell he was enjoying himself. later he told us that it had been the best night of their tour so far. coincidentally, it was the best time i have had seeing shai hulud so far, and i think most people who were there would agree with me. it was awesome and we miss having that guy around, hopefully he even misses us sometimes! steve if you are reading this remember not to forget about us little people.

there is another thing i want to talk about for a minute now. james (jimmy) lawson. some of you might remember jimmy from such area bands as deathskin razors, all hype, and the kenny band. jimmy has been playing with us as a replacement for steve, and even though nobody could really replace steve in the delicate equation that is great reversals, jimmy has def made up for it by adding his own unique input into what we are doing. and as we are trying to write some new songs right now, i feel like his mark on us will be long lasting and delicious like stride gum. so far i have learned that jimmy is mostly diurnal, is approx five feet, ten inches in length (give or take a few) is jolly, is a mammal, likes to wear long sleeve shirts with a plaid pattern, and enjoys the hit television show lost. i suspect there are many more things to learn about jimmy and hopefully i will continue to study him in close detail. here is a file photo of jimmy:

we already played a show with jimmy but i am pretty obsessed with this guy so i wanted to write him a proper introduction. WELCOME JIMMY.

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