Monday, December 6, 2010

Just Checking In

Hi Friends,
Not a lot to report, we're gonna start working on a new song at practice tomorrow which I'm really excited about. Our buddy Sock from Positive Noise and Xtra Vomit emailed me today that's he doing a zine themed around work-related issues and he is seeking contributions. Sock rules and zines rule, so ya know, this is gonna rule. If you're interested in contributing let us know and we'll connect you. Also, John McKaig posted some shots of us from last month at the DAAC with Run with the Hunted, and as he is an amazing photographer, they look, well....amazing. Check them out here. That brings me to the point of this ramble. We've been playing shows for about a year now, and it's been so awesome. Driving around the state to make noise, play with some of our favorite bands, and most importantly meet new friends has been such a gift. Just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has helped us with a show, watched us play, or gave us encouragement. When we started this band I didn't really think we'd ever leave Steve's basement, so playing almost a couple dozen shows and connecting with new people has been incredible.
All Love,

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