Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things Are Movin'

Fall is officially in swing and stuff is jumpin' off! A few things....this week we jam with Run With The Hunted twice...G.R. on Monday at the DAAC, Static Age on Tuesday. Shows should be rad. We are also playing with Outbreak, Reignition, and Down N Out in a few weeks at the mighty Refuge Skate Shop. The benefit for Z and Refuge is two weeks from tonight, make sure you are there! Steve is doing a new band called Shades of Red with our good bud and 6th member Sir Jimmy Lawson. They are playing the benefit for Z and their first show is in Toledo on the 9th. Band is sick, get ready for the return of Moosh on the mic. Aside from Shades and the Rev, Steve is back to Huluding. He will be doing a month in Canada with them from mid-November till mid-December. Dood is busy. Lawson will be filling in for us at the Outbreak show. Also, we wrote a new song at practice this week and it has us all pretty stoked. Some new influences creeping in, it's exciting. Flyers for all the aforementioned punk rock activities are below. Happy Halloween kids, get spooky!

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