Monday, January 24, 2011

I love it when good people form bands again....

Yo, so Rob Pennington's bands are forever under-appreciated. His band By the Grace of God still stands as one of my favorites ever, and were the best band Victory ever put out in my opinion (on second thought, they're probably tied with Snapcase in my book). Then he did Black Widows which became Black Cross who put out incredible records on Initial, EVR, and Auxiliary. Well I just read that the core of those bands (which also features Ryan Patterson from Coliseum and Nick Thienemann of Young Widows) is back in full effect as Black God. Sonically continuing in the trajectory they were going down when they fell off the map, rest assured this band rules. They have a 7" coming out on No Idea supposedly. Do yourself a favor and check out their Facebook page here. While you're there please bug them to come to Michigan.

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