Thursday, June 30, 2011


well, really, we went to him, then he came downstairs and recorded us! if you know not of what i speak, we went to boston last wednesday thru saturday to record 'TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH', 4 songs which will be released someday on some format. after sir jimmy lawson hookethed up the converter allowing us to watch great hits in the van such as jurassic park 2 and 3, we were off in the middle of the night to yonder new england to eat great vegan pizzas, make crude jokes, create new nicknames, and of course, lay down our trax!

working with jay maas was a pleasure! not only has he worked with some of our favorite bands (shipwreck, bane, defeater, etc) but he's a man with an uncanny ear and ability to help our cause. thus far, we only have a rough mix, but we're all really pumped on how things are sounding! once we give jay a few more things for the mix he'll work his magic then its on to mastering and hopefully pressing. I think we're shooting to have this out by late fall...we'll see. for those unaware, this release is lyrically centered around eric's struggle with his eldest son who's autistic. we've really tried to capture in the music some of his raw emotion put forth in the lyrics. so be on the lookout for this!

besides the FOUNDATION, HARM'S WAY, FACE REALITY show we're playing July 24, nothing much is on the docket. mid august will mark the arrival of a son or daughter for eric and myself and we expect to be adjusting to newly appointed parenthood (well, new for me) for a little while. though there are some talks of a 4 day run going down in late october....we'll keep you posted, or, we'll post, and hopefully you'll notice it. until next time....

love, aaron.

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