Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So a lot has been happening. The babies have arrived. Aaron & Candice had their baby girl Francis and Steph & I had our baby boy Asher. We joked all summer about how insane it would be if we ended up at the hospital together, and as it turned out, that's exactly what happened. It ruled. In other news, we got the final mix back from Jay yesterday so we should be lining up mastering in the next few weeks here for the new record. We're going to put one of the songs on a Midwest hardcore comp that Mike at Lost Time Records is putting together. We're pretty stoked about it (see flyer). Next week we start practicing again. Alex is sitting on a couple of new songs, I know we're all itching to start putting those together. Otherwise, Justice Records is closing soon and their second to last show will be next Friday, September 16th. Steve's other band Tharsis They is playing, as well as our good friends in Under Anchor, Old Soul, The Oily Menace, and Shudders. Rorik Brooks is an amazing person who has done a lot for us and for Michigan hardcore as a whole, so if you are free, go see some amazing bands and buy some stuff from Rorik before things wind down.

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