Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mere Mortals

Happy 2016 everybody. So we ended 2015 by recording our first LP in November with Andy Nelson. I think I speak for all of us when I say it was an awesome experience. Once we got done with our stuff we had a few beloved friends make contributions on a few songs and we're super pumped about how those turned out. The final mastering touches are being applied by Brad Boatright as we speak so we can finally say the record is basically done. It's going to be called "Mere Mortals", it's got 11 songs and runs at about 35 minutes. We're all really happy with how it came out and feel it's our strongest material to date.

We're currently sending it around to labels to see if anybody wants to help us out with it. If not, we'll probably just say fuck it and press it ourselves. Either way, it will hopefully be available on vinyl by the summer.

Right before we went in to track the LP we got hit up by a friend asking if we could contribute a song to a comp he's putting out, so we wrote an extra song in the studio and laid it down while we were there. We've never written that way before, but we overcame our collective self-doubt and wrote what we all feel is a pretty ferocious song. We'll announce the details on that release when we're allowed to, haha.

In the meantime, Aaron is gonna be posting the lyrics to "Mere Mortals" one song at a time, with detailed explanations of the ideas and situations that moved him to write these songs. The initial one went up last night, it's a look at the first song on the record, "Capsized". You can check that out here: http://maybeitscomplicated.blogspot.com/2016/01/capsized.html?m=1

Otherwise, we have a bunch of shows coming up: we're gonna be in Grand Rapids Thursday with Cloud Rat, in March we're playing Sanctuary twice; once with Mindset and the other time with Hollow Earth, and then we have a gig in May at the church in Royal Oak with Lentic Waters who are coming over from Europe, as well as Locktender, Old Soul, and Social Werq.

Hope all is well, 2016 is gonna be a big one for us,



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